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Your model may differ slightly in appearance - but all the functions are exactly the same as this one !
Your model may differ slightly in appearance – but all the functions are exactly the same as this one !

Following instruction manual applies to all CITIZEN Analog Digital Temperature Watches with Cal. No. 8980 8981 8982 8983 8984 and Cal. No. 8985 8986 8987 8988 8989…also applies to some of the later models !

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If you don’t know your Caliber Number ? – check How to recognize a Caliber Number.

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M button MODE Switching of mode & instant manual return.

S button SELECT Selection of digit for correction, switching of 2nd analog mode & start/stop stopwatch.

R button RIGHT Correction, alarm ON/OFF, switching of sampling time for temperature measurement (1 sec/1 min.), lap & reset (stopwatch).

L button LEFT Illumination lamp.

Many of you surely wonders how to set time and configure the 1st & 2nd Analog Watch ? It’s very simple

Zegarki męskie - zobacz na

*( If your Citizen Ana Digi Temp is slowing down or runs too fast ? check – Adjusting Time ).

*( If you feel that your Citizen Ana Digi Temp incorrectly indicates the Temperature ? be sure and check – Adjusting Thermometer ).

*( If something else does not work properly – check the Damage Diagram below. This will let you know what’s wrong with your watch and how to remedy it ).

Damage Diagram and Procedure
Damage Diagram and Procedure ( Click to Enlarge )

Before setting the Time – make sure that the watch Mode is Normal Time showing.

Normal Time and Dual / Local Time Mode
Normal Time and Dual / Local Time Mode

* Not confuse the Normal Time Mode with the Local Time Mode, which is quite similar, but it has a symbol “L” – which means – Local Time Mark ( picture above ).


Push “M” button to set normal time mode ” hour : min : sec “

abstract-1208053 M - Description 3

A time setting mode is obtained by pushing “S” button for 1 second or longer. Note that The Seconds can be Simultaneously and Independently displayed by the 2nd Analog watch ( in the upper right corner of the watch ). From now the Digits Indicating The Seconds ( in the Digital Section – LCD display ) will blink !

Flashing seconds means entering the time setting mode
Blinking Seconds means Entering the Time Setting Mode

Another 10 seconds elapsed on my watch, now they show 17 seconds (on the LCD display) – they also flash – see picture below …


Resetting The Seconds to Zero ( on the LCD display )

At this point, if you want you can reset seconds – compared for example with computer time or another watch. I adjust watches according to International Atomic Time * This is Highly Precise Time Scale that is Calculated using data from about 400 Atomic Clocks. The Time it takes a Cesium-133 atom at the ground state to oscillate exactly 9,192,631,770 times per second !!! The seconds in our Watch are reset to zero “00” with push of “R” button.

Zero Second Reset
Zero Seconds Reset

* Typically, wrist watches are rarely synchronized with ( Global Atomic Clock ) with an accuracy of one second. However, if you want to be super accurate – or you want to check if your watch is slowing down or runs too fast – then I recommend you to do this Reset !

abstract-1208053 R

The Analog watch A2 is also corrected synchronousyly witch the Digital watch ( because both watches are controlled by the same Microprocessor ). Although the Seconds are simultaneously counted on the Digital and Analog watch – they can indicate Different Times at the moment !!! What goes wrong ? The 2nd Analog watch we have to correct later …


As you can see ( picture below ) the LCD display shows 09 seconds, but 2nd analog watch shows 23 seconds !
Now LCD display shows 21 seconds and 2nd analog watch shows 36 seconds – picture below.
CIMG9234 crop
So we have a difference ( between Digital and Analog watch ) 15 seconds – we need to Synchronize – so that both watches will show the same seconds …
* Notice also that – Inserting the new batteries into the Citizen Ana-Digi Watch, almost certainly you will encounter the same problem ( that is, it will cause a time difference between Digital and Analog Watch ) !!! This is because when a new battery is inserted, the digital timer starts to count up seconds and starts from 00:00:00. On the other hand, the analog clock starts counting down from the current position of the watch. But this problem, we solve for the moment …
If you’ve reset seconds compared with another clock ( described at the beginning of the chapter ) or even if you didn’t need to do that – press now “S” button – to go to set the minutes ( they will blink ).
CIMG0259 - Blinking Minutes
Minutes are set by “R” button. A quick setting ( of 8Hz ) is also possible witch push of “R” button for 1 second or longer. As you can see ( LCD Display – picture below ) – the “hour : minutes” section ( bottom left corner of the watch ) – now displays 4:49.
To set the hours – repeat the procedure.
Press “S” button ( hours start blinking ) and then pushing by “R” button set the appropriate hours.
And after my adjustment, the “hour : minutes” section displays 5:51 .

To finish setting the digital time watch, press again the “S” button – then go on to set the mode 12/24 hour format.

12 H display mode CIMG9239
and 24 H display mode – switch by pushing button “R” , as pictured below….CIMG9242
How to set 1st analog watch ?
Setting of Second Analog Watch and Synchronization of Analog and Digital Watch !
Setting of 1st Analog Watch

* Note … Is easy to overlook this moment !!!

1 st Analog Watch - Description

Now when you press “S” button – hours and minutes – LCD Display – will blink ( just like on my watch – picture below ), this means that we can set 1st analog watch – A1 ( the picture above ) !!!

Push “R” button to precise correction 1st analog watch. One touch “R” button – moves only one step the minute and hour tips !

Also a quick correction ( of 64 Hz ) is possible witch push of “R” button for 1 second or longer.
* You should adjust the Hour and Minutes on 1st Analog watch ( upper left corner of the watch ) – the same as they are now displayed on the Digital watch ( LCD display in the bottom left corner of the watch ) … similar to the picture below – more details.
CIMG0619 - Adjusting Hours and Minutes on 2bd Analog Watch
Setting of 2nd analog watch
Synchronization of Analog and Digital Watch !
Setting of 2nd Analog Watch and Synchronization with Digital Watch !

Finally we have almost everything set up, but we need to set 2nd analog watch – A2 and Synchronize the Analog and Digital display …

2 nd Analog Watch - Description

Do you remember…in my case the difference between digital watch and 2nd analog watch was 15 seconds !

By pushing “S” button we get into the Synchronization.

Virtual Reset LCD Display - Synchronization Digital and Analog Watch
Virtual Reseting LCD Display – First Step to Synchronization Digital and Analog Watch
Note that at this point – display showing seconds ( bottom right corner of the watch ) began to blink, in addition it reset – showing the “00” – see picture below.
CIMG9248 crop copy
* I need to add that this reset is seeming “virtual” , does not apply to Real-Time.

Time and second runs at their own speed ( inside the watch processor ), this evidence is that 1st Analog watch ( upper left corner ) still shows Real Time ( hour & minutes ), in my case 4 : 25 pm / 16 : 25 – see below.

Although the Digital watch displays zero seconds, the real seconds reset ( for example, comparing with the other clock / smartphone ) we did at the beginning of setting time !
The digital watch has just been “virtual” reset.
This is The First Step to Synchronization Digital Watch and 2nd Analog Watch ( A2 ) !!!
Now we also have to “virtual” reset the 2nd analog watch ( That the watch tip would show Zero and more accurately it was at 12/24 o’clock ). And so that later, the Digital and Analog watch would show the same seconds.
Digital watch is blinking, shows still “00” is a kind of frozen 🙂 … picture below.
Now Push “R” button to precise set 2nd analog watch at the 12-o’clock position (00 – reset).
As previously – one touch “R” button – moves only one step the second tips !
CIMG9248 crop Frozen Digits
* A quick corretion of 8Hz is also possible witch push of “R” button for 1 second or longer.
I already have set it – the watch tip of 2nd Analog watch ( upper right corner ) is at 12 o’clock. In other words, it shows the same as a Digital watch ( bottom right corner ) that is – Zero ” 00 “ – see picture below …
To complete the setting time – press “S” button.
And finished… 🙂
* You notice that after this Action it means – after pressing the “S” button – two Watches will start displaying the current (proper) seconds. Analogue watch tips will quickly catch up due to a virtual reset – and they will find the right time … Since then both the digital watch and the analog watch show the same time. the right time !
Now the analogue and digital watch are synchronized. Both show a 41 seconds …
CIMG9250And now both clocks show a … 45 seconds … CIMG9251
56 second?
Which means that everything is ok 🙂
I hope we helped a little.
To set Calendar check page How to set Calendar.
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