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How to set Alarm Time


Firstly push „M” button to set Alarm mode .

abstract-1208053 M II

To enter into setting mode of Alarm push „S” button for a second or longer. ( Hours starts blinking…) Note…Storage of temp. disappeared !…pictured below. When pressed „S” button the last measurement ( in my case 23.2 *C measured at 0;00 AM „24:00″ ) disappeared. The watch memory has just been cleared ( – -,-* C ). The next measurement will be made and shown at the same time as – Next setting Alarm time – that we just set…

Setting of Hour – to set hour push „R” button. *After inserting e.g. a new battery, the alarm time is set to 0:00 AM (24:00) – default setting. And from that hour I start setting !

CIMG0484b3:00 AM  Note…When setting the alarm time (Digital Watch), Analog Watch also remembers your setting. Look at the tip of 2nd Analog watch – keeping pace with the digital time and now will display the same time !…( shown below ).

CIMG04854:00 AM

CIMG04865:00 AM

CIMG04876:00 AM

CIMG048912:00 AM * Note…to set hour PM ( more than 12:00 ) tip 2nd Analog Watch have to do more than a full rotation > 360*… pictured below.

CIMG04904:00 PM (16:00 )

CIMG049111:00 PM (23:00)

CIMG0501Setting of Minute – push „S” button ( Minutes starts blinking…) next push „R” button to set the minute.

abstract-1208053 S

*An interesting, like when you set the hour – 2nd Analog Watch also showed hour – the same time as Digital Watch. Now, while setting the Minutes – 2nd Analog Watch takes over the role – Hour tips ! And more specifically – shows whole set time – Hour plus Minute…( in my case 00:14 – 00:22 – 00:30 )…just like the picture below.




CIMG0505To exit setting Alarm time push „S” button…

CIMG0511As you propably noticed :) the ALARM MODE is inextricably linked with the STORAGE TEMP. FUNCTION ! A detailed description of this feature and How to activate / deactivate the Alarm – I posted on How to use Digital Modes .

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