5 Digital Watch Functions.


Here you’ll also find how to set ALARM ON-OFF , how to set CHIME ON-OFF, how to switch between Fahrenheit and Centigrade thermometers, what is –  storage of the tempheratures…

Your model may differ slightly in appearance - but all the functions are exactly the same as this one !
Your model may differ slightly in appearance – but all the functions are exactly the same as this one !

Push “M” button to set next Digital Watch Mode.

*Note – The digital modes can be set regardless of what is currently showing on the analog watch – How to use Analog Modes . ( The exception is Stopwatch Mode when both Digital & Analog Modes are related to each other… described below ).


Normal Time Mode

Now the LCD Display shows  hours – minutes – seconds , shows exactly the same as shown in the Analog Watch  ( A1 & A2 )… picture below

This is the only digital mode in which “modes indicator” is invisible !

DATE – Calendar & Temperature

Now the temperature is measured in both the Centigrade and Fahrenheit thermometers with Every Second  ( or Every Minute to choice )  …………* If you feel that your watch shows the wrong temperature check Adjusting Thermometer…

You probably noticed that the Temperature Indicator ( *C or *F ) now is blinking once per second. This means that the measurement is made every One-Second !!!

To change – the measurement being taken at One-Minute, press “R” button.

* If you leave The Per-Second measurement Mode – this Mode will be Automatically Shifted to the Per-Minute measurement Mode in 4-5 minutes !

Picture below shows the measurement on a Celsius scale.


If you want to change the measurement scale  ( *C to *F or *F to *C ) simultaneous push “R” and “S” button to switch between Centigrade and Fahrenheit Thermometers.

*Unfortunately no switching is possible between the centigrade and Fahrenheit thermometers witch Cal. No. 8981 !

The difference between the Celsius scale and the fahrenheit scale is described in detail on Adjusting Thermometer.

I just changed the measurement scale from *C to *F . Picture below shows the measurement on a Fahrenheit scale ( 23,9 *C = 75,02 *F ).

CIMG0262ALARM – Alarm & Storage Temp

What is –  storage of the tempheratures ?

The Citizen Watch has a built-in memory and stores temperature measurement – made at time ( the same as setting Alarm time – How to set Alarm Time ). Even if you don’t use the alarm and you turn it off !

Click to enlarge...Built-in memory allows you to store daily temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale !
Click to enlarge…Built-in memory allows you to store daily temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale !

Regardless of whether you turn on your alarm or not, the watch measures the temperature every 24 hours, and stores it !

The measurement result is stored only 24 hours – to the next measurement . Old measurement is deleted and replaced by a new measurement.

“Thus you can know the temperature at the same time every day or at a certain moment designated optionally” *Citizen’s words.

And this result is now displayed …. pictured below


Alarm ON/OFF – by pushing “R” button.

Look – on the left side “AL” sign appeared !

DUAL.T – Dual Time

Now watch shows ( AM/PM ) Hour : Minute & Second & “L” ( Local time mark )


 STOP.W – Stopwatch

As you might see A1 ( First Analog Watch ) shows as usual The Normal Time ( i.e. Hours and Minutes ).

Regardless of what now A2 ( the Second Analog Watch ) shows – shows SECONDS, shows  ALARM or shows DUAL TIME ?By pressing the “S” button, we can freely change it – more on How to use Analog Modes– Now by pressing “M” button and entering into the Digital Stopwatch Mode  – The Analog Tip A2 also immediately moves at 12H (00) Hour mark !!! and also automatically enters the STOP.W mode !!!…pictured below…* This is the only case when DIGITAL and ANALOG Modes are associated !!!

Entering into the Digital Stopwatch Mode...Click to enlarge !
Click to Enlarge…Entering into the Digital Stopwatch Mode

Now in addition to the digital stopwatch ( LCD Display – Minutes : Seconds : 1/1000 sec ) – Tip Second  Analog Watch will show The Extra Countdown Time – or more precisely counted Hours !

2-nd Analog Watch Indication after the entry into the Digital Stopwatch Mode?Click to enlarge !
Click to Enlarge…2-nd Analog Watch Indication after the entry into the Digital Stopwatch Mode

* You may have noticed that the average watch, measured with an accuracy 1/100s up to 60 minutes. Then follows a reload. This watch is measured without reloading with an accuracy 1/1000s up to 12 hours ( Which gives 120 times wider range of measuring ).

Now the Digital Display shows ( from right ) – 1/1000 sec – seconds – minutes – and (A2) 2nd Analog watch shows stopwatch hours !


Stopwatch – start by pushing “S” button.


Stopwatch – stop by pushing again “S” button.


Stopwatch reset by pushing “R” button.


 Normal Time Mode again


Chime ON/OFF – by pushing simultaneosly “R” and “S” button .

* But before you need to enter into the Normal Time Mode !

Look – on the right side “CHI” sign appeared !


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  1. Thank You !!!! Its my favorit watches , my father present in 1982-1983 , my box is silver, and have instruction manual , but your information visually and clearly !

    1. I’m glad that I helped you and you have this unique watch ! Your watch has an interesting history. I wish you to enjoy your watch for the next 30 years…Welcome to the Connoisseurs Club !

  2. Hi there everyone, it’s my first pay a quick visit att this web page, and paragraph is truuly fruutful
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    I would never have suspected how complex and complicated the Digital Citizen Watch mode is.
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  3. The digital modes in this Citizen model have always been a kind of mystery to me :p
    Amazing topic and the way you presented it. Thanks

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