Power Cell Life Indicator, also known as Low Battery Warning

What is this function?

As you probably guessed, this is one of the more interesting functions of this extraordinary watch. Namely, this function warns you that the power cell needs to be replaced soon due to its low voltage.

A useful function, especially for those who use an alarm or measure temperature in the mode of storing temperature measurement results.

Power Cell Life Indicator
  • This warning function will help you avoid losing the temperature measurement result and avoid disappointment when, for example, the alarm does not wake you up due to too low power cell voltage.
  • Not to mention other consequences of too low a power cell voltage, i.e. minor delays in time measurement, which may occur at the end of the battery’s life.

Therefore, it is definitely worth knowing about the existence of such a function and using it.

Because I can bet that few of you knew about it. This is one of the four hidden functions of this watch, apart from three other useful functions:

  • Instant Manual Return,
  • Auto-Return System and
  • Automatic Shift Function.

Here’s what the Japanese manufacturer says about this particular feature:

1. First original version from 1981

Power Cell Life Indicator :

  • The colon on the digital display screen blinks when the 2nd analog watch displays the second time and the life of power cell comes neat its end with a drop of voltage. In such case the power cell mus be replaced soon with new one.

2. Version from 2000 *Reissue

Low Battery Warning Function :

  • When the service life of the battery approaches its end, the colon (:) on the digital display starts flashing. When Analog 2 is set to indicate “Seconds”, the Analog 2 dial movement changes to 2-second interval movement (moves by 2 increments every 2 seconds) in the case of low battery. In these cases, replace the battery as soon as possible

When will this thankless function make its presence known ?

The manufacturer estimated the life of the power cell at approximately 2 years.* ( when using 20 sec. alarm, 24 hourly chimes & 3 sec. illumination of lamp per day in second mode of 2nd analog watch ).

  • Experience shows, however, that this time also depends on the intensity of use of all the functions mentioned above and the ambient temperature. Who among us uses the backlight every day for 2 years, turning it on for 3 seconds each time? Hm Maybe there are… It should also be remembered that at a not too high, moderate temperature, i.e. room temperature (22°C = 71,600°F), the life of the power cell may be extended up to several years.

To make sure that the battery is good, a good and proven idea is to turn on the Watch Backlight – a miniature light bulb – for a moment ( by pressing the “L” button ). Then you will definitely be able to assess the current condition of the battery yourself.

Tips on which battery is best to buy, because there are a few pitfalls, and how to open the watch carefully without damaging the watch – This is described in more detail on the pageHow to replace the Battery.

* It is recommended to use silver-oxygen power cells …

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