Chime Function ON/OFF

What is Chime Function ?

Chime Function is a short single beep – which the watch buzzer produces. This signal can be heard at every full hour, that is, when minutes pass from „59″ to position „00″. For example – when time passes from 11:59 to 12:00, etc. You can turn this function ON or OFF at any time.

Depending on the watch model you have – Chime Set Mark can be located in Three different places – see below

What is this function useful for ?

I remember that a long time ago I used it often when I was waiting at school for a break, when the lesson was prolonged :). At that time, this short sound was heard throughout the whole class and reminded everyone – ok – enough – the end of the lesson :) …

Entering in to Setting Chime Function is possible only in Normal Time Mode.

* Therefore before setting this function you should make sure and possibly enter into the Normal Time Mode ( by pushing „M” button ) !

Chime ON/OFF – by pushing simultaneosly „R” and „S” button.


Click to Enlarge – look of the watch – before switching ON the chime

Look - at the bottom right corner of the watch „CHI” sign appeared - see below !


Click to Enlarge – the look of the watch – after switching ON the chime

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