Although the Dual Time ( Local Time ) function is rarely used, it is one of the most interesting functions. Why? Although the Dual time function is rarely used, it can be shown independently by both a Digital ( LCD ) watch and an 2nd Analog watch.

The dual time you can display on the Digital watch by simply changing the watch Digital Modes – by pressing the “M” button. Regardless of this, you can also show the Dual Time in an 2nd Analog watch by switching his modes by pressing the “S” button.

Dual Time
Click to Enlarge … Dual Time Mode

The above picture is interesting because it shows the dual time display on both watches – Digital watch and 2nd Analog watch. Take a look – the Digital watch shows at 15:30 (3:30 pm) and the 2nd Analog watch (A2) also shows at 15:30 (3:30 pm) – and the one tip of this watch is exactly in this position 3:30. As you probably guessed – the tips of the 2nd Analog watch (A2) – they don’t indicate the Seconds as before ( in Normal Mode ) but put Hours in the Dual Time Mode !

The 1st Analog watch A1, on the other hand, shows – as always the Real Time – Hours and Minutes – in my case 16:12 (4:12 pm)

As proof that the Digital display indicates the Dual Time / Local Time is the “L” marker – on the right side of the Digital display. And as proof that the 2nd Analog watch (A2) also shows the Dual Time is a marker ( a small dot above the seconds ) on the Digital display which shows that the 2nd Analog watch (A2) is also  in Dual Time Mode.

What is the Dual Time function useful for ???

Manhattan - London
The Time Difference between New York and London is 5 Hours

“The dual time function is very convenient for a overseas trip or the like” – Citizen’s words.  These are very apt words …

As you can see, this watch was designed for a very special group of recipients. Perhaps businessmen, people of interest – flying then Concord, Jumbo Jet or a private jet – belong to this group ? Do I belong, um … I’ll think about it later …

Winter - Summer Time Change
Winter – Summer Time Change

I will tell you what this function is useful for me and can be useful to you !!! For example, when changing times from winter to summer and vice versa. If you do not like to adjust the time (especially rearrange) then this function is for you. Just one time (normal time) is the time used in the summer. The second time (local time) is the time you will use in winter 🙂


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