No sound on my Citizen … any suggestion ?

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    After changing the battery I noticed that my watch Citizen Ana Digi there no sound. I don’t know what can be the reason !
    Any idea ?

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    Did you try to check a connection between back and the watch ?

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    I had the same problem…

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    A similar problem. You please check if you have not lost a tiny springs that are inside the watch. This spring is really microscopic and feeds the signal to the piezoelectric speaker – at the back of the watch.
    I hope that my advice will help you.

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    I had the same problem . Now, everything is ok. Your Good advice Matteo – helped mi..Thanks ..

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    I’m new here. I have a question.
    What is actually the buzzer – is very thin, is it a kind of a speaker ? How does it work ?
    Maybe someone knows ?

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    V. Reinhart

    Hi nike

    What is the buzzer ?

    It’s a little like a speaker. But it works on a different principle. There is no magnet or a coil of wire. Here is a piezoelectric !!!

    This special material – the era of „Aerospace” :) It vibrates when a voltage is applied – a very interesting phenomenon …

    I hope that helped a little

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    In my Citizen Ana Digi 8981 also does not have sound. Or I do not know how to run an ALARM ? Is the cause may be the same as with you ?
    Thank you very much

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