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    Jessica Mai

    Sight Unseen
    Science, UFO Invisibility & Transgenic Beings

    by Budd Hopkins, Carol Rainey

    ???? Sight Unseen • Read More ????

    • ISBN: 9780743412186 (0743412184)
    • Format: hardcover, 416 pages
    • Language: english
    • Publisher: Atria Books
    • Release date: September 23, 2003
    • Author: Budd Hopkins, Carol Rainey
    • Genres: paranormal, aliens

    About The Book

    The New York Times bestselling author of Witnessed, Intruders, and Missing Time — three groundbreaking books on the UFO phenomenon — returns with astonishing evidence that other-worldly beings are a very real — and growing — part of our lives.

    In Sight Unseen, Budd Hopkins and coauthor Carol Rainey show how fascinating discoveries in modern science support the plausibility of the UFO phenomenon.

    Featuring sixteen never-before-published cases, Sight Unseen probes two newly uncovered patterns in alien abduction: cases of UFO “invisibility” and reports of genetically altered alien beings who interact with humans during their routine lives.

    The “invisibility” accounts detailed by Hopkins include numerous daylight abductions in densely populated urban areas — all apparently unseen and accomplished through a technology of invisibility.

    Two air force non-coms are snatched from the tarmac of a busy military airfield.

    An Australian family is levitated up into a hovering craft while the father remains paralyzed on the ground with a camera to his eye. The resulting evidence on film is discussed in terms of our own scientific advances.

    In the second series of cases, abductees report encounters with beings who appear human but apparently possess paranormal powers and stunted emotional ranges.

    Three young women, unknown to each other, are mysteriously summoned to “job interviews.” In ordinary office settings, they encounter human-looking beings who lead them into baffling UFO abduction experiences.

    A Wisconsin farmer meets “Damoe,” a man with odd behavior who closely resembles his son. Damoe eventually reveals himself as an accomplice of UFO occupants in a startling abduction of the farmer and his wife.

    Five-year-old Jen is abducted at night to a nearby playground. There she must teach the techniques and skills of “play” to twelve seemingly identical, quasi-human children.

    Along with these bizarre, first-person stories told by credible people, Hopkins and Rainey explore cutting-edge advances in our own technologies and scientific theories that show how these new UFO patterns could have a concrete basis in contemporary science.

    Included are an examination of cloaking devices for aircraft, mind-control technologies, and teleportation achieved in the lab. Perhaps the most compelling argument to support these cases lies in the startling and controversial new science of transgenics that actually allows for the creation of alien/human beings.

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