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    Carol Fulks

    Life Without Death
    by Satprem, Luc Venet

    ???? Life Without Death – READ MORE ????

    • Release date: January 1, 1988
    • ISBN: 9780938710233 (0938710230)
    • Language: english
    • Format: hardcover, 176 pages
    • Publisher: Institute for Evolutionary Research
    • Author: Satprem, Luc Venet

    About The Book

    The world is about to change — but perhaps not as we may imagine. In fact, somewhere, the change is already accomplished. There only remains to implement it fully, in broad daylight. The goal of this short book is to try to explain the specific conditions of this change, how it can take place and is already taking place — and in what way it concerns every human being.

    The change in question here is not eternal, mechanical or scientific, but internal and human. It is a change in the very consciousness of the cells. The question is to implement another way of living on earth, a being after man as radically different from us as we may be from our ancestor, the ape. If such a being is to see the light of day on this earth, the evolutionary wisdom and simplicity will produce it from us, from what we are today, and not from some mystical and misty heaven, or out of a proliferation of computers — there must be a link between it and us.

    Sri Aurobindo and Mother have devoted their life to the search for and development of that evolutionary link between present man and an unknown, but ineluctable, future species. Satprem, who continues their work, tells us that the roots of that new being are alive and well on this earth, and that they are steadily, inexorably growing, while the world goes about its usual business…

    But in order for that new way of living life to develop fully, it must first confront and overcome the Eternal Enemy: death. For that new terrestrial life has this peculiarity that it is without death.

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