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    Caitlin Sinny

    Foreigners At Rome
    Citizens And Strangers

    by David Noy

    ???? Foreigners At Rome — READ MORE ????

    • Format: hardcover, 360 pages
    • Language: english
    • Release date: December 31, 2000
    • ISBN: 9780715629529 (0715629522)
    • Author: David Noy
    • Publisher: Classical Press of Wales

    About The Book

    ‘The Tiber has been joined by the Orontes’. So wrote the Roman satirist Juvenal, in a complaint about immigration to the Empire’s capital. Rome was constantly sustained by immigrants. Some were voluntary — craftworkers, soldiers, teachers and intellectuals. Countless others came as slaves. What happened to them after arrival? Did they try to keep contact with their homelands? Did they form distinctive communities within Rome? This book is the first comprehensive study of Rome’s foreign-born element. The author uses inscriptions and literature to explore the experiences of newcomers to the capital. The results are compared with the colourful Roman stereotypes of different immigrant groups.

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