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    James Gant

    Emotional Abuse
    Silent Killer of Marriage – A 30 Year Abuser Speaks Out

    by Austin F. James

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    • Characters: Austin James, Dr. Paul Hegstrom
    • ISBN: 9781482077292 (1482077299)
    • Format: paperback, 250 pages
    • Author: Austin F. James
    • Release date: February 21, 2013
    • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
    • Genres: psychology, abuse, marriage
    • Language: english
    • First published: February 3, 2013

    About The Book

    The story details Austin’s journey through 30-years as an emotional abuser, the destruction of his marriage, and the long, arduous road back from his hell. Experience the awakening that hurled him through a nightmarish journey to the most inner core of his soul.

    Burrow inside an emotional abuser’s head and find out why:

    he is so charming one minute and a raging manic the next — he blames you for everything — he belittles your feelings, opinions, or your accomplishments — he never seems to support you — he cuts you down in front of friends and family — he causes you to walk on eggshells — he is so angry so much of the time — he can’t admit when he is wrong.

    Discover what Austin learned during his five years of recovery, along with the horror, that his three decade abusive lifestyle stemmed from events that happened as a young teenager, following the unexpected death of his father.

    Through great sorrow, came the ability to be transformed from the ashes of defeat to the type of cleansing and healing that not only renewed Austin’s spirit, but allowed it to soar to new heights.

    The book answers the questions: how can a too-close relationship with mom affects him — what type of counseling works and which to avoid — how to tell if your mate is really changing or if it’s time to bail on the relationship.

    There are several chapters dedicated to breaking free from abuse and getting help. The book hopes to encourage people stuck as an abuser or as being abused that it is possible to break free from abuse.

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