How to set Time

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M button MODE Switching of mode & instant manual return.

S button SELECT Selection of digit for correction, switching of 2nd analog mode & start/stop stopwatch.

R button RIGHT Correction, alarm ON/OFF, switching of sampling time for temperature measurement (1 sec/1 min.), lap & reset (stopwatch).

L button LEFT Illumination lamp.

Many of you surely wonders how in this watch set time. It’s very simple .


Before setting the time – make sure that the watch mode is normal time showing.

Push „M” button to set normal time mode ” hour : min : sec „. Not confuse this mode with the local time mode, which is quite similar, but it has a symbol „L” – Local time mark.

A time setting mode is obtained by pushing „S” button 1 second or longer. The second can be forcibly displayed in any mode with the 2nd analog watch. Since then – second section – will blink !


Zero – second reset

At this point, if you want you can reset seconds – compared for example with computer time or another watch. The second is reset to zero with push of „R” button (29-cut/30-count, instant zero second reset). Pictured below…

The analog watch is also corrected synchronousyly witch the digital watch. A shift if caused to the position of the zero – second reset (2nd analog watch) must be corrected later !


As you can see ( picture below ) the LCD display shows 09 seconds, but 2nd analog watch shows 23 seconds !
Now display shows 21 seconds a 2nd analog watch shows 36 seconds.
So we have a difference ( between digital and analog watch ) 15 seconds – we need to synchronize the same time showed.
Inserting the new batteries into the old Citizen Ana-Digi, almost certainly you will encounter the same problem !
But we do that in a moment…
Setting of minute and hour ( left side of the LCD display ).
If you’ve reset seconds compared with another clock, or even if you didn’t need to do that – press now „S” button – to go to set the minutes ( they will flash ).
The minute is set by „R” button. A quick setting of 8Hz is possible witch push of „R” button for 1 second or longer. As you can see – the „hour : minutes” now displays 4:49.
To set the hours – repeat the procedure.
Press „S” button ( hours start flashing ) and then pushing by „R” button set the appropriate hours.
And after my adjustment, the „hour : minutes” display shows 5:51 .

To finish setting the digital time watch, press again the „S” button – then go on to set the mode 12/24 hour.

12 H display mode CIMG9239
and 24 H display mode – switch by pushing button „R” , as pictured below….CIMG9242
How to set 1st analog watch ?
Is easy to overlook this moment !!!
Now when you press „S” button – hours and minutes will blink ( just like in the picture below ), this means that we can set 1st analog watch !
Push „R” button to precise correction 1st analog watch. One touch „R” button – moves only one step the minute and hour tips !
A quick correction of 64 Hz is possible witch push of „R” button for 1 second or longer. Adjust the hour and minutes – the same as they are now displayed on the LCD display…
CIMG9243Setting of 2nd analog watch
Finally we have almost everything set up, but we need to set 2nd analog watch and synchronize the analog and digital display.
Do you remember…in my case the difference between digital and 2nd analog watch was 15 seconds !
By pushing „S” button we get into the synchronization.
Note that at this point – display showing seconds began to blink, in addition it reset – showing the „00″.
I need to add that this reset is seeming „virtual” , does not apply to real-time.
Time and second runs at their own speed, this evidence is that 1st analog watch still shows real time (hour & minutes ).
Although the watch displays zero seconds, the real seconds reset ( for example, comparing with the other clock ) we did at the beginning of setting time !
The digital watch has just been „virtual” reset.
Now we need to „virtual” reset the 2nd analog watch ( so that both were showing later – the same seconds ).
Digital clock is blinking, shows still „00″ is a kind of frozen :)
Push „R” button to precise set 2nd analog watch at the 12-o’clock position (00 – reset).
As previously – one touch „R” button – moves only one step the second tips !
A quick corretion of 8Hz is possible witch push of „R” button for 1 second or longer.
I already have set – see below
To complete the setting time – press „S” button.
And finished… :)
Now the analogue and digital clock are synchronized. Both show a 41 seconds …
CIMG9250And now both clocks show a 45 seconds … 56 second…CIMG9251
56 second?
Which means that everything is ok :)
I hope I helped a little.
I willingly respond to any questions …
I also encourage you to leave a review, comment…


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